About Phantom Canyon Ranch

Over 10,000 acres of the original Phantom Canyon Ranch are protected by a combination of preserves, conservation easements and covenants which insure that more than 98% of the land will remain as open space, unchanged
and unspoiled, to be enjoyed by future generations. Between 1987 and 1991 the original ranch was divided into 11 ranches–Phantom Canyon Ranches.

Phantom Canyon Ranches surround The Nature Conservancy’s Phantom Canyon Preserve. In addition, all of the landowners at Phantom Canyon Ranches have the exclusive use of nearly 1400 acres which include about 2½ miles of exceptional catch-and-release trout fishing, the recreational use

of a 275-acre stocked reservoir and access to 10 miles of hiking and equestrian trails. Phantom Canyon Ranches also adjoins two Colorado State Wildlife Areas totaling more than 14,000 acres.

Protective Covenants — In addition to conventional provisions, the master covenants address two special conservation issues:

Building Sites. The land ownership associated with each Building Site is at least 35 acres-generally more. Originally, average Building Site density was less than one per 100 acres. Subsequently, about half of the original Building Sites have been extinguished by conservation easements.

The locations of the Building Sites have been selected to ensure privacy and compatibility with the surroundings. Each Building Site (or building envelope) is approximately 2¼ acres, may be fenced and, 1) is not generally visible from any other site, 2) is not generally visible from any common road or trail, and 3) is not conspicuously visible from the property as a whole, outside its individual view-shed.

The Land. Outside the Building Sites, the land must remain as it is, undisturbed, to maintain its natural openness and its utility for potential ranching purposes. Off-road vehicle use is strictly prohibited.